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                Product Manager


                • Has demonstrated experience in managing both mobile and web products from end-to-end, from discovery to delivery to ongoing refinement and optimization.
                • Is extremely analytical with a data-driven mindset and experience working with various analytics platforms in the past.
                • Has crafted and launched surveys at scale to gain valuable user insights and take certain action to drive results.
                • Has worked with both teams and users to understand their needs, and coming up with product features to help either group in a measurable way.
                • Has experience working in a agile development environment.
                • Has a computer science background in order to communicate effectively with developers about product details and technical requirements (Bonus)


                • Working with our internal teams in marketing and data for their feedback on product launches.
                • Interpreting meaningful signals from our metrics and applying them to our design decisions.
                • Collaborating with our design team to come up with wireframes and UI and integrating them into the likes of InVision for initial testing and feedback from both users and internal teams.
                • Working with the development team (both web and mobile) to develop stories and plan using tools such as JIRA
                • Communicating new product releases efficiently to internal teams and customers.
                • An expert in the education technology sector, and be able to identify key trends to drive company product roadmap.


                Chengdu 成都

                有意者請撰寫工作申請郵件①,連同中英有一座青玉打造文簡歷發送至 hr@easyke.com